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green giant Reviews

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  • Green Giant quality control.

    Bought bulk cans of cut green beans (12) from Sam's club. Should have advertised as stems, water ,green beans and salt. I have bought Green beans from the Giant for years, now it seems that no thought has been taken in preparing the beans for the canning process. I may have to cruise on by your display and get a gerneric brand. I usually don't write to any food company that is responding to the tastes of its customers. More...
    sttopngo's Picture   sttopngo    0 Comments   Comments
  • New Roasted Vegetables

    I love fire roasted vegetables and use fire roasted corn, peppers and onions in alot of recipes. When I saw the line of new fire roasted veggies I was excited. I bought the roasted brocolli and tried them the first night. I smelled this horrible burnt smell and went running into the kitchen, thinking I burnt my chicken parm. It was the odor put off by the brocolli. (It was not overcooked - it just smelled like burnt popcorn.) I tried it; it was horrible; it even tasted like burnt popcorn or burnt cardboard. It smelled so bad I had to replate my chicken to get the brocolli away from it... More...
    nsimms164's Picture   nsimms164    0 Comments   Comments
  • terrible radishes

    i have been buying the cheap bagged radishes at our local albertson's store. a couple months ago they switched to green giant bagged radishes which are a lot more expensive for a lot less radishes. my major complaint is that the radishes are in poor condition and usually have to cut off a lot of bad parts, they're small, and there aren't too many to work with. this disappoints me as i always had a high regard for green giant foods. what's going on here? More...
  • Do you use Monsanto's GMO'S?

    I would like to know what Green Giant products contain Monsanto's GMO's. I am sickened that the FDA allows them to destroy our food supply, farm lands, live stock and to poison the human population with their genetically modified organisms. This is a damn crime against humanity and should be outlawed. We consumers will be demanding to know ingredients and believe me we will refuse to purchase anything that contains this crap. More...
    keesha's Picture   keesha    0 Comments   Comments
  • green giant 10 lb bag of red skin potatoes

    I recently purchased a green giant 10 lb bag of red skin potatoes in which 1/4 of the potatoes were rotten. When I purchased them, they were not. I really look them over thoroughly before purchasing them. I purchased them at BJ'S wharehouse. This is not the 1st time this has happened to me, however, I feel that it is due to the potatoes being refrigerated instead of being in a dry place. I will of course still continue to purchase your product because to me your prouct is the best. The UPC # is 0580600143. Thanks Faye More...
    fpilesky13's Picture   fpilesky13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Potatoes

    On May 21st my son got married and we prepared the food for the reception. My daughter-in-law bought 40 pounds of potatoes from Walmart. After we peeled the potatoes we placed them in water. While in the water they turned completely black. She went back to walmart and bought another 40 pounds. Since we needed them right away we peeled and washed them and put them on to cook. While cooking they turned black. Needless to say we could not serve them at the reception. The potatoes were suppose to be one of the main dishes. I resent paying good money for a product and then have to throw it... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    carpet2011's Picture   carpet2011    0 Comments   Comments

green giant Reviews By Product

green giant Comments

bornagain710 says: (5 years ago)
I purchased a package of Macaroni and Cheese with broccoli Steamer and found a piece of bone in with the other contents. Now I realize that mistakes happen but I wanted to let you know. If you want I can send you the piece. Please let me know ASAP at

veesresort1 says: (5 years ago)
I purchased Green Giant Cream Style Sweet Corn in cans on 11/6/12 from Walmart. There was a rock in the can I opened and while chewing it cracked my tooth. This one can of corn will cost me over $1,000.00 in dental bills to repair, or attempt to do so. The pain was terrible!

I have kept the receipt, the rock and the can; had always enjoyed your creamed corn, but after this experience I'm afraid to eat it again. There was no disclaimer anywhere on the can about foreign products in the contents. Something needs to be done so this never happens to anyone else.

I would like to know what you do in situations where this happens to your loyal customers. An apology doesn't take care of the dental bills.

Thank you,

Sandra Veenendall


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